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The Friesian mold was introduced in 1992 and has only the linear "© Breyer Reeves." stamp and molded-on horseshoes. It was sculpted by Jeanne Mellin Herrick and is Breyer mold #485.

A symbol means that I don't yet have a picture of that model. If you can help, please see the Help Wanted section. Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture.


Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes

485 Friesian black, no white markings, black mane/tail, dark brown or black hooves 1992-1995 With hang tag.

Some with a slightly charcoal grey cast to body

(c) Hilary Hurley

943 JB Andrew, Adopt a Horse Drafter Type semi-gloss black, black mane/tail, black or bi-color eyes,  white freeze bran on left side of neck 1996-1997

(c) Barbara Schweder

1148 The Gypsy King black pinto, black tail, bi-color mane, white muzzle shaded pink, dark nostrils, lip spots 2000-2007

1148 The Gypsy King black pinto, black tail, bi-color mane, white muzzle shaded pink, dark nostrils No lip spots variation

1788 Let's Go Rising Western Set
With doll, western riding tack
palomino, white mane/tail, three stockings, not near hind 2018 Let's Go Riding series
1805 Harley Daisy's Chief Dane black blanket, black mane/tail 2018-present Note variations in masking

1805 Glossy Harley Daisy's Chief Dane glossy black blanket, black mane/tail 2019 BreyerFest Youth and Open Show prize
(50 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity. Stamped "BreyerFest 2019 30th Anniversary" on belly.

(c) Stephanie Michel 3175 Action Drafters, Big and Small
With Clydesdale (Paddock Pal)
dark dappled bay, solid face, black points, near hind sock 1994-1995
(c) Linda Gross 410397 Kris Kringle light dappled grey, mostly white head, back and croup, grey shading, black with white "sparkle" dots, white mane with charcoal stripes, charcoal and white tail, four stockings 1997 West Coast Model Horse Collector's Jamboree 
(1,200 made)

With hang tag.

(c) Kellie DeFosset 410600 Lots of Spots
With Running Foal, Dalmatian
black leopard, shaded points 2000 JCPenney Holiday Catalog
430040 Red Roan Friesian Test Run red roan 2019 Test Piece Raffle
(1 made)
(c) Heather Wilkendorf 700499 Jack Frost speckled grey, darker points 1999

Holiday Horse

"Seasons Greeting '99" on belly

711105 Fire Magic shaded brown bay, dappled, darker points 2005 BreyerFest Celebration Model
(5,524 made)
(c) Kellie DeFosset (c) Kellie DeFosset (c) Reeves International, Inc. 711187 Athos
With blanket
light grey, dark grey tail, shaded muzzle 2014 BreyerFest Store Special
(750 made)
711388 Feis buttermilk buckskin tobiano 2020 BreyerFest Diorama prize
(28 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity. Stamped "BreyerFest 2020" on belly.

711516 Montanara flaxen chestnut, two socks, blaze 2022 BreyerFest Store Special
(3,000 made)

Stamped "BreyerFest 2022 

760498 Dashing Dan palomino/sorrel, low blaze, flaxen mane/tail, stripe, shaded muzzle, hocks and knees, four stockings 1998 Sears Holiday Catalog
Mahogany Bay mahogany bay 1998 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity

Dusty Chestnut Christmas Horse to match Breyer Holiday Stirrup ornament dusty chestnut 1999 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)
Metallic Cobalt Blue with Black Shading cobalt blue 2000 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)
Glossy Rose Lavender Unicorn glossy rose lavender 2004 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity

(c) Reeves International, Inc. Black dappled pearl blueware with engraving black dappled pearl 2012 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

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