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Holiday Horses

Snowball, the first Holiday model Bayberry and Roses, the 2014 Holiday model

Since 1997 Breyer has regularly offered a Holiday Horse, a Traditional series model with a Christmas or winter theme and elaborate costume. From time to time it has also offered holiday gift sets and web specials, shown below, as well as Christmas ornaments and a variety of Christmas-themed Plush toys.



Model Number Name Mold For Sale
1997 702197 Snowball the Christmas Pony Haflinger  
1998 750198 Snowflake
Early JCPenney variation with crosspieces of the mane ribbons gold only in the central area, with red at the tips. Models sold later at JCPenney and all other retailers, came with solid gold colored crosspieces.
Missouri Fox Trotter  
1999 700499 Jack Frost Friesian  
2000 700400 Holiday Hunt Roemer
2001 700401 Jingles Misty
2002 700402 Sugarplum and Peppermint Amber and Ashley
2003 700403 Silent Knight Khemosabi
2004 700404 Father Christmas and Glittery Marabella

700105 Della Robbia Andalusian Stallion
2006 700106 Snow Princess National Show Horse
2007 700107 Winter Song Othello
2008 700108 Noelle Goffert
2009 700109 Nutcracker Prince Huckleberry Bey
2010 700110 Jewel - Holiday Horse Show Jumping Warmblood
2011 700111 Winter Belle Misty's Twilight
2012 700112 Noche Buena Ethereal
2013 700116 Holiday Horse on Parade American Saddlebred Stallion
2014 700117 Bayberry and Roses Esprit
2015 700118 Peppermint Kiss Gem Twist
2016 700119 Woodland Splendor Lonesome Glory
2017 700120 Winter Wonderland Totilas
2018 700121 Celestine Carina  
2019 700122 Minstrel Loping Quarter Horse  
2020 700123 Yuletide Greetings Shire Gelding  
2021 700124 Arctic Grandeur Spanish Stallion  

1997 Mid-Year Introduction dealer flyer


Other seasonal models - See also Breyer's Christmas Ornaments and the Plush page for more Christmas and winter-themed items.



Model Number Name Mold For Sale
2002 700202 Holiday Ornament Craft Kit SMs Thoroughbred Standing Foal, American Saddlebred, Rearing Arabian  
2002 701302 Mischief the Holiday Donkey Brighty  
2003 700703 Holiday Ornament Craft Kit SMs Prancing Morgan, Warmblood, Trotting Foal  
2003 700303 Tom Foolery Kitten
2004 700304 Holiday Play Set Stormy, Jack Russell Terrier  
2005 700635 Christmas Eve Play Set Ashley, Calico Cat  

700315 Stablemates Holiday Wagon with Music SM Paso Fino  

700675 Holiday Ornament Craft Kit SM Andalusian, Cantering Foal, Shetland Pony. Shown painted.  
2006 300560 Holiday Sleigh SM Paso Fino  
  300562 Horses and Holidays Craft Activity Kit Cantering Tennessee Walking Horse Tractor Supply Co.
2006 700636 North Pole Play Set Amber  
2006 700676 Horses and Holidays Craft Activity Kit Cantering Tennessee Walking Horse  
2009 301114 Waiting For Santa Pony Gift Set Midnight Tango  
2010 700830 Waiting for Santa Pony Play Set Stormy
2014 711998 Vixen and Blitzen
Holiday Mare and Foal Set
Running Mare, Running Foal

Web Special

2015 712165 Eve and Claus Thoroughbred Mare, Suckling Foal

Web Special

2015 712140 Sugarloaf Web Special  
2015 712202 Holly (#712166) and Ivy (#712167) Web Special  
2016 712184 Crystal and Crispin Web Special  
2017 712225 St. Moritz Web Special  
2018 712279 Wish and Wonder Web Special  
2019 712304 Christmas Candy - Zebra Web Special  
2020 712309 Honeybunch
Palomino for Christmas
Online only Web Special  
2020 712416 Christoff Online only Web Special  

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