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West Coast Model Horse Collector's Jamboree

The Jamboree was produced every year from 1992 to 2004 by hobbyist Sheryl Leisure. It was designed as a way to bring new people and active collectors together to learn more and enjoy the hobby, spotlighting the model horse collecting hobby in its entirety and welcoming model horse manufacturers of all types. It was especially enjoyable for those of us on the West Coast who were unable to attend BreyerFest, which is held in Kentucky every year. Each year a special model horse or horses were offered to attendees, many of which (the models, not the attendees) have become highly collectible. The Jamboree brought many new people into the hobby year after year for thirteen years and many of us in the hobby have fond memories of it to this day.

Thanks to Sheryl Leisure for the following photos and information. You can see what Sheryl's up to now at Horse Power Graphics.


Photo Name Manufacturer Event Quantity Made
1992 (c) Sheryl Leisure Appaloosa Thoroughbred Hartland Special Run 135
1992 (c) Sheryl Leisure White Quarter Horse Hartland Raffle 20
1993 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Buckaroo"
Buckskin Rearing Stallion
Breyer Ice Cream Social 400
1993 (c) Sheryl Leisure Charcoal Buckskin Rearing Mustang Hartland Special Run  
1993 (c) Sheryl Leisure Mini Buckskin Rearing Mustang Hagen-Renaker Special Run  
1993 (c) Sheryl Leisure Black Pinto Saddlebred Hartland Raffle 20
1994 (c) Sheryl Leisure Liver Chestnut Sham Breyer Special Run 550
1994 (c) Sheryl Leisure Bay Arabian Foal Hartland Special Run  
1995 (c) Sheryl Leisure Program N/A    
1995 (c) Sheryl Leisure Andalusian "El Campeador" Breyer Special Run 875
1995 (c) Sherl Leisure Rawhide Breyer Tour Model 3,207
1996 (c) Sheryl Leisure Program N/A    
1996 (c) Sheryl Leisure Knabstrupper "Flabehoppen" Breyer Special Run 1,000
1996 Mighty Buck Breyer Tour Model 2,500
1997 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Kris Kringle"
Dapple Grey Friesian
Breyer Special Run 1,200
1998 (c) Sheryl Leisure Program N/A    
1998 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Eureka"
Buckskin Paint
Breyer Special Run 1,200
<75 with dorsal stripe
1998 (c) Sheryl Leisure Sirocco Breyer Tour Model ~2,500-3,500
1998 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Stake a Claim"
Blue roan Clydesdale
Stone Special Run  
1998 (c) Antina Richards-Pennock Buffalo Skull Bolo Tie, black or brown cord Breyer Special Run
(Leftovers from BreyerFest 1998)
1999 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Poncho Rex"
Glossy Black Pinto
Breyer Special Run 1,500
1999 (c) Sheryl Leisure Black and white postcards N/A Offered as a special premium  
1999 (c) Sheryl Leisure Stetson
Porcelain Model
Horses 2000 Special Run 250
1999 "Happy Trails"
Palomino Rearing Horse
Hagen-Renaker Special Run 250
1999 Cricket and Willow Breyer Tour Model  
2000 (c) Sheryl Leisure Pain in the Brass Stone Special Run  
2000 (c) Sheryl Leisure Tu Fire Stone Special Run  
2000 "Champagne Toast"
National Show Horse
Breyer Special Run  
2000 Test Model: Breyer Proud Arabian Mare Breyer Auction 1
2001 (c) Sheryl Leisure Program N/A    
2001 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Prairie Song"
Appaloosa Indian Pony
Breyer Special Run 1,300
2001 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Cloud of Mist" Stone Special Run  
2001 (c) Sheeyl Leisure Glossy "Cloud of Mist" Stone Special Run 12
2001 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Tom Tom" Hartland Special Run 100
2002 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Debonair"
Dapple grey Thoroughbred
Breyer Special Run  
2002 (c) Sheryl Leisure Glossy "Debonair" Breyer Volunteer Model, raffle and lottery 84
2002 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Jammer Time" Hartland Special Run 100
2002 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Enduring Freedom"
Palomino Overo Weanling
Stone Special Run  
2002 (c) Sheryl Leisure Glossy "Enduring Freedom"
Palomino Overo Weanling
Stone Special Run 6
2003 (c) Sheryl Leisure Program N/A    
2003 "Belle Fleur"
Grey Percheron Mare
Breyer Special Run 750
2003 (c) Sheryl Leisure Glossy "Belle Fleur"
Grey Percheron Mare
Breyer Raffle/Gifts 24
2003 (c) Sheryl Leisure TinyMite
Draft Horse Set
Hartland Special Run 50
2003 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Aslan"
Percheron Stallion
Stone Special Run 100
2003 (c) Sheryl Leisure Glossy "Aslan"
Percheron Stallion
Stone Raffle/Gift Models 24
2004 (c) Sheryl Leisure "Big Little Horse Party" Items N/A    
2004 Wee Trio Breyer Special Run 600
2004 (c) Sheryl Leisure Curtain Call Stone Special Run 50 gloss
50 matte
2004 The Mite-y Five Hartland Special Run 50
2004 (c) Sheryl Leisure The Tiny Five Hartland Special Run 50

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