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About This Site

Welcome to Identify Your Hagen-Renaker! This site, created and run by a fellow collector, currently focuses on the many horse figurines created by the Hagen-Renaker company of San Dimas, California. There are hundreds of photos here to drool over and information on every Hagen-Renaker horse figurine that I know to exist. I have been collecting Hagen-Renaker figurines for several years and have created “Identify Your Hagen-Renaker” in order to help collectors identify what they have and discover what they must have. The site is entirely free to use, with hosting costs paid by advertising revenues and your purchases made through this link. The information you’ll find here has been obtained from many sources and is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you have corrections or additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me at

You'll notice that some information on these pages is missing, mostly in photos and in the dates that a given model was available. Hagen-Renaker doesn't put out collector catalogs as Breyer does, meaning that it's a little difficult to determine when a model was released and then discontinued. What would make my life easier (and this site better!) would be some of the dealer order forms that H-R sends out. I don't need the pricing and won't be publishing the sheets themselves. Just having dated sheets listing what was for sale at that time would be an enormous help! If you have any H-R order forms you'd be willing to share please email me! If you have personal records of sales from the last decade or so those would be most welcome as well.

Identify Your Hagen-Renaker, like its sister sites Identify Your Breyer and Identify Your CollectA, is a reference site and can be treated as such. You are welcome to copy and save the information and photos found here for your personal use. This means that you can use what you find here to create your own inventory and want lists and save those lists to your personal computer. You may also copy and print information found here for use in documenting your model horse show entries and use site material as part of your forum post, blog, or hobby article, provided that your work is substantially original. Giving source credit when you use material you've found here is greatly appreciated.

What you can never do is use material found here for personal or commercial gain. Some people try to use photos found on these sites as their own, most frequently on auction websites like eBay. This is not allowed, and is wrong not only because you're using someone else's work without permission, but also, in the case of sales sites, because you are deceiving your potential buyers by showing them a picture of something other than what they're actually bidding on. As should be obvious, you also may not use Identify Your Hagen-Renaker photos and text to create your own identification website, app, or online game. If you have questions about any of this this please contact me.

How to Identify Your Hagen-Renaker Figurine:

First off, Hagen-Renaker figurines are ceramic. If you have a model that looks similar to one found here but in plastic it's probably a Breyer model horse. Breyer has licensed several of artist Maureen Love's H-R pieces, and you'll find those on the Identify Your Breyer website. Still here? Terrific! Let's get started. If you've got a Hagen-Renaker horse figurine you should be able to identify it based on the photos on this site. As you'll see I'm missing photos for a few figurines, but the odds are good you'll find what you need. We'll start with size. If your figurine is standing and only about an inch high you've probably got one of the Mini Mini pieces. H-R places them within the Miniatures line but I've separated them here to avoid confusion. There are only three pieces in this small line and the mold page linked above shows photos of all of them. Next up in size is the Miniatures line. This is H-R's most popular line, and adults are typically 2"-3" tall, with foals standing 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" tall.

Similar in size is H-R's Specialties line. These figurines are typically more detailed than the Miniatures and are frequently on a base. If your piece has fine detailing or includes more than one figure you'll want to start here. Have a piece that's larger than any of these? Then you're probably fortunate enough to have a Designers Workshop piece. These figurines, introduced in 1952, are wonderfully detailed, with adults typically standing 5"-9" tall. Designers Workshop (or DW) models are highly sought after by collectors and can be quite valuable.

If you've gone through all of the pages and don't see your model drop me a line and I'll see if I can help.

A (very) Brief History of Hagen-Renaker:

Beginning its life in a garage kiln, Hagen-Renaker (referred to as H-R by many of their fans) is a family-owned small business located in San Dimas, California. Owned by John and Maxine Renaker, the company began in Monrovia, California and originally made art pieces and dinner ware. In 1947 they began selling animal figures, beginning with Maxine’s miniature duck. The small animal figurines took off quickly, and in 1952 the larger scale Designers Workshop figurines were introduced. Briefly closing their doors in the late 1950s, in 1962 Hagen-Renaker opened a new pottery plant in San Dimas and business began to improve once again. In 1981 the company acquired a pottery in San Marcos, and this plant remained in business as an H-R plant until 1986, making the larger Designers Workshop pieces. Hagen-Renaker continues making wonderful hand-painted figurines to this day.




Hagen-Renaker Values: 

I can't give you an estimate of the value of your model or your Hagen-Renaker collection, but there are many resources out there that can help you determine its worth. Bear in mind that a model's value is simply what someone else is willing to pay for it, no matter what the price guide or sales list tells you one is going for! A great deal depends on the condition of the model being sold, as well as on the popularity of that particular model and its rarity. Your best bet to find current values is to look at what the same model in a similar condition is selling for on an online site like eBay or Model Horse $ales Pages. For more information on buying and selling please see the Buying and Selling Your Hagen-Renaker page.

Help Wanted! 

I need your photos to fill in gaps in this catalog and to replace Hagen-Renaker's stock photos. Photos must have been taken or be owned by you--I can't accept photos off of eBay or other sources without permission from the owner. Submitted photos should be in focus, offer a full side view, and contain no tack or other accessories unless it came with the model. The best photos will have a plain background rather than a natural or stable scene. Images should be at least 800 pixels wide and larger is even better. Be sure to include the model number and/or model name, if you know it--that will save me a lot of time! Photos should be emailed to me at All published photos not watermarked by their owner are marked "© Identify Your Hagen-Renaker" when published here to protect against theft.


This website, including all non-stock photographs and original text, is Copyright © 2017-2019 Janice Cox. Stock photos are © Hagen-Renaker, Inc. and used with permission.

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