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Buying and Selling Your Hagen-Renaker


Model Horse Values

The value of an animal figurine depends on several factors, including condition, rarity, and popularity of that mold and/or model. You can get an approximate value for your models from online sales sites.

Condition: The prices you will see listed in price guides are for models in good condition, with some minor ear tip, tail, and hoof rubs and/or factory problems such as overspray or blurred markings. If your model has a lot of scratches, a seam split or any type of break it will have a much lower value. A very rare model (see below) may still fetch a high price in poor condition, but common models in "played with" condition simply don't have much value, even ones twenty or more years old.

Rarity: If a model was available for many years its value will be much less than that of a model that was issued only for a year or two. 

Online Dealers

Below is a list of companies that sell Hagen-Renaker figurines and other makes of model horses. If you can't find the model you're looking for in your home town buying from a mail order or Internet dealer is the easiest option. This web site makes no warranty about any of these sites, nor do I make a profit from purchases made through these companies with the exception of Most of the dealers listed will have recently discontinued models available. If you're looking for older models or want to sell your collection check out those listed as selling "Vintage" models.

Check them out. Please check references on any hobbyist or business you don't know before buying or selling to them. Places to check references include the Yahoo group Model Horse Hobby References (MHHR), Model Horse Blab's Transaction Board and the Model Horse Transaction Board on Facebook. None of these methods are perfect, but it's a good way to get a general impression of someone before you hand them your money. If you pay via PayPal please be sure to avoid paying via "Friends and Family," as this method offers no protection if your transaction goes badly.

Glossary of terms: Lines: B=Breyer, HR=Hagen-Renaker, C=CollectA, O=Other; Vintage?: Yes=sells (and usually buys) used/not new models, No=sells only new models; Payment: Accepts the following forms of payment: V=VISA, MC=MasterCard, A=American Express, D=Discover, P=PayPal, C=personal checks, M=money orders

Business Name Location Lines Vintage? Payment
Aboard Noah's Ark Pittsville, Maryland and online HR, O Yes V, MC, Online store B, HR, C, O No V, MC, A, C, M
Model Trading Post Online store B, HR Yes V, MC, C, M
Triple Mountain Model Horses Hiram, Maine and online B, HR, C, O Yes V, MC, D, A, P, T

Online Buying and Selling:

  • eBay - Hundreds of Hagen-Renaker listings and high traffic make this site very popular but listing fees can be high.
  • Etsy - This site features independent sellers offering Hagen-Renaker pieces and other collectibles.
  • Model Horse $ales Pages - MH$P offers text and photo ads at little to no cost. It has a much smaller reach than eBay but is well known within the hobby.
  • Haynet Exchange - The most active email list for the buying, selling, and trading of model horses. Listings are free.
  • Model Horse Blab - Blab has free basic discussion forums. There is a section for the posting of models for sale and wanted available to paid members.
  • Social Media - Models are now frequently sold through user groups on sites like Facebook and Instagram. These groups are free to join and use but have little or no buyer protection. You can find these groups using that site's search engine. Be sure to check references (see above) before entering into any private transaction and use a protected payment method such as PayPal (avoiding that company's "Friends and Family" payment option).
  • Craigslist - This free online classified is a good way to buy and sell locally, avoiding the hassles and perils of shipping.

Antique Stores/Collectible Shops/Garage Sales: Probably the most fun way to find what you need. Careful hunting can turn up some amazing bargains but be careful of how much you pay, especially in antique shops; in my experience many models there are grossly overpriced. Having a collector's guide with you when you shop will help determine what's a fair price.

Live Model Horse Shows: these competitions almost always have "for sale" tables. This is probably the best way to buy when you want to be absolutely sure of a model's condition and is a great way to sell your models without the hassle of shipping.





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