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BreyerFest 1995

The following models were available exclusively at BreyerFest 1995, held on July 28 to 30, 1995 at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Special Runs    Live Auction    Silent Auction    Live Show Results

Live Show Exhibitor Tag

Special Run Models


Model Number Name or Color Mold Award Quantity Made Selling Price
(c) Janice Cox 707595 Mego Adios Celebration Model 3,000 n/a

(c) Bristoltradingco300


Mystique Jumping Horse Raffle Model 25 n/a

(c) Betty Titchenal


Palomino Lady Phase Volunteer Model 40 n/a

Live Auction Models - Saturday, July 29, 1995

Also included were a customized Stablemate Arabian by Laurie Jo Jensen and two items from hobbyist Pam Young: a rough draft of Breyer Models Reference and Insurance Guide, by Marney J. Walerius and a photo album from the early days of model horse showing, also from Marney's estate.

"Test Colors Up For Bid"


Model Number Name or Color Mold Selling Price
Lot #1 Black Pinto Appaloosa Quarter Horse Yearling Quarter Horse Yearling $450
Lot #2 Light Grey Shaded Misty's Twilight Misty's Twilight $525
Lot #3 Red Chestnut Phantom Wings Phantom Wings $225
Lot #4 Bay Balking Mule Balking Mule $500
Lot #5 Palomino Old Timer Old Timer $375
Lot #6 Red Chestnut Overo Pinto Phar Lap Phar Lap $650
Lot #7 Dark Shaded Grey Mountain Goat Mountain Goat $575
Lot #8 "Steel Dust" Grey Shaded Proud Arabian Stallion Proud Arabian Stallion $550
Lot #9 Dappled Sorrel with Red/White Tail Ribbons Roy $525
Lot #10 Dark Dapple Grey Shetland Pony Shetland Pony $425
Lot #11 Cherry Red Sorrel Paso Fino El Pastor $425
Lot #12 Blood Bay John Henry John Henry $375
Lot #13 Not Sold   -0-
Lot #14 American Cream Shire with Two-Color Eyes Shire $500
Lot #15 Blonde Chestnut Khemosabi Khemosabi $300
Lot #16 Dusty White Classic Mustang Foal Mustang Foal $225
Lot #17 Mahogany with White Mane/Tail Fighting Stallion Fighting Stallion $600
Lot #18 Reddish Mahogany Chestnut Sham Sham $675
Lot #19 Chestnut Dapple Grey Stock Horse Stallion Stock Horse Stallion $550
Lot #20 Black and White Pinto Misty Misty $800
Lot #21 Red Sorrel Pinto Semi-Rearing Mustang Mustang $900
Lot #22 Light Chestnut Running Foal with Flaxen Mane/Tail Running Foal $450
Lot #23 Grey Appaloosa Adios Adios $550
Lot #24 Dun Appaloosa Galice´┐Żo with Frosted Hip Blanket Galice´┐Żo $600
Lot #25 Dunnish Bay Indian Pony Indian Pony $625
Lot #26 Dark Shaded Bay Trakehner Trakehner $675
Lot #27 Gold Charm Hound Dog Basset Hound $625
Lot #28 Rabicano Roan Touch of Class Touch of Class $875
Lot #29 "Steel Dust" Shaded Grey Proud Arabian Foal Proud Arabian Foal $350
Lot #30 Dark Blood Bay Quarter Horse Yearling Quarter Horse Yearling $350
Lot #31 Black Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Old Timer Old Timer $850
Lot #32 Spotted Dun Rearing Stallion Rearing Stallion $350
Lot #33 Dapple Bay Clydesdale Mare Clydesdale Mare $375
Lot #34 Liver Chestnut Khemosabi Khemosabi $250
Lot #35 Dark Gold and White Calf Calf $200
Lot #36 Sooty Buckskin San Domingo San Domingo $550
Lot #37 Leopard Appaloosa Pluto Pluto $400
Lot #38 Reddish Sorrel Paso Fino with White Mane/Tail El Pastor $800
Lot #39 Buckskin Pinto Yellow Mount Adios $1,000
Lot #40 Charcoal Haflinger/ Haflinger $425
Lot #41 Reddish Chestnut Jumper Jumping Horse $425
Lot #42 Palomino Pinto Roemer with Red/Yellow Braids Roemer $625
(c) Reeves International, Inc. Lot #43 Tan and White Pinto Longhorn Texas Longhorn Bull $225
Lot #44 Shaded Chestnut with Mealy Marks Merrylegs Merrylegs $400
Lot #45 Mahogany Bay Sea Star Sea Star $475
Lot #46 Sorrel Justin Morgan with Flaxen Mane/Tail Justin Morgan $500
Lot #47 Flashy Bright Red Misty's Twilight with R/W/B Braids Misty's Twilight $500
Lot #48 Palomino Tennessee Walker with Green/Blue Braids Tennessee Walking Horse $500
Lot #49 Light Chestnut Legionario III With Flaxen Mane/Tail Legionario $450
Lot #50 Buckskin Pinto Donkey Donkey $300
Lot #51 Dark Rabicano Pony of the Americas Pony of the Americas $1,400
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #52 Dappled Blood Bay Shire Shire $575
Lot #53 Shaded Red Mama Bear Bear $225
Lot #54 Palomino Lady Phase with Tri-Eyes Lady Phase $1,600
Lot #55 Dun Roan Pinto San Domingo (Wildfire pattern) San Domingo $550
Lot #56 Grey Roan Blanket Appaloosa Morganglanz Morganglanz $450
Lot #57 Blood Bay Pinto Bucking Bronco Bucking Bronco $300
Lot #58 Liver Chestnut Legionario Legionario $725
Lot #59 Grey Shaded Spotted Fighting Stallion Fighting Stallion $500
Lot #60 Dapple Bay Clydesdale Stallion Clydesdale Stallion $400
Lot #61 Highlighted Dark Bay Justin Morgan Justin Morgan $550
Lot #62 Peppercorn Bay Family Arabian Mare Family Arabian Mare $300
Lot #63 Dark Chocolate Liver Chestnut Family Arabian Stallion Family Arabian Stallion $375
Lot #64 Metallic Silver Halla
(in background)
Halla $500
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #65 Dapple Bay Five Gaiter with Gold/White Ribbons Five Gaiter $1,200
(c) Bristoltradingco300 Lot #66 Glossy Grey Appaloosa Jumper with Eyewhites "Mystique" Jumping Horse $2,000
Lot #67 Shaded Reddish Liver Chestnut Pacer Pacer $550
Lot #68 Grey Appaloosa San Domingo San Domingo $650
Lot #69 Brindle Bay Stud Spider Stud Spider $1,175
Lot #70 Red Chestnut Haflinger Haflinger $425
Lot #71 Dapple Grey Balking Mule Balking Mule $475

Silent Auction Models

I have no information as to whether or not there was a silent auction held this year.


Model Number Name or Color Mold Award Quantity Made Selling Price

Live Show Championship Results

Beginner Youth Show

Overall Grand: Moondancer (Lucy Anderson)
Overall Reserve Grand: Cheyenne (Janice Ketchuck)

Gender Champ: Cheyenne (Janice Ketchuck)
Color Champ: Moondancer (Lucy Anderson)
Discontinued Finish Champ: Sun Briar (Janice Ketchuck)
Special Run Champ: Do-Dah (GraceOwen)
Collector's Class: Lucy Anderson
Creative Showmanship Scene Class: Melissa Borst


Novice/Veteran Show

Novice Halter Championships

Overall OF Halter Grand: Flashback (Ann Michael)
Overall OF Halter Reserve Grand: Denver (Cindy Kunnas)

Overall CM Halter Grand: Little David (Joan Chismudy)
Overall CM Halter Reserve Grand: Tootsie Pop Pine (Joan Chismudy)

Veteran Halter Championships

Overall OF Halter Grand: Snowbell (Sandy Nyce)
Overall OF Halter Reserve Grand: Fantasy Island (Sandy Nyce)

Overall CM Halter Grand: Jemez Blue Soweto (Lisa Donnelly)
Overall CM Halter Reserve Grand: Cowboy Poetry (Ann Bilon)

Performance Champions

OF Novice Grand: Gifted (Barbara Birge)
OF Novice Reserve Grand: Medieval Legend (Jenny Asuaga)

CM Novice Grand: RC Troika Hitch (Pat Sinnott)
CM Novice Reserve Grand: Edelweiss CH (Kay Schlumpf)

OF Veteran Grand: EH Gem Twist (Elizabeth Jackson)
OF Veteran Reserve Grand: Sierra Starry Night (Jennifer Harris)

CM Veteran Grand: Dixie Melody (Lois Thomas)
CM Veteran Reserve Grand: Steel Dust (Gay Mahlandt)

Collector's Classes

Popular Vote Novice Champion: Michelle Smalling
Popular Vote Novice Reserve Champion: Jessica Boehm

Judge's Choice Veteran Champion: Janie Page
Judge's Choice Veteran Reserve Champion: Meg MacDonald

Popular Vote Veteran Champion: Silke Brockmoeller
Popular Vote Veteran Reserve Champion: Meg MacDonald