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Bucking Bronco

The Bucking Bronco has the round "Breyer Molding Co." mold stamp. The mold was originally called "Bucking Horse" and became the Bucking Bronco in 1971. The Bucking Bronco was sculpted by Chris Hess and is Breyer mold #190.

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Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
190 Bucking Bronco black, bald face, black mane/tail, four stockings 1966-1973
At least one known with a solid face.

Third photo shows blue ribbon sticker

191 Bucking Bronco steel grey, bald face, darker grey mane/tail, four stockings 1961-1967
192 Bucking Bronco bay, bald face, black mane/tail, four stockings 1967-1970

(c) Janice Cox

730 Bucking Bronco rose dun 1998
  932  Dakota Bucking Bronco palomino with resist dappling, bald face, white mane/tail, hind stockings 1995-1996
(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox 6001 Bucking Bronco with Cinch
With bareback rigging
blue roan overo 2000
(c) Janice Cox (c) Reeves International, Inc. 6012 Bucking Bronco Set
With cowboy rider, bareback rigging and cinch.
blue roan overo 2001-2005 Same as #6001
8165 Aries glossy palomino, lighter mane, darker tail, four stockings, zodiac symbols in yellow on both hips 2015 Zodiac Series

With hang tag. Stamped "Aries" on belly.

8928 Bucking Bronco red roan 1996 Warehouse Gleanings

Same as #411190

(c) Reeves International, Inc.  300322 Outlaw and Amigo
With American Quarter Horse Foal
red dun pinto 2013 Mid States Distributing

America's Wild Mustangs Series

(c) Janice Cox 411190 Bucking Bronco red roan 1988 Bentley Sales Co.
(~400 made)
(c) Janice Cox 412190 Bucking Bronco red dun 1988 Bentley Sales Co.
(~400 made)
(c) Janice Cox 413190 Bucking Bronco black leopard 1988 Bentley Sales Co.
(~400 made)
(c) Janice Cox 414190 Bucking Bronco grey 1988 Bentley Sales Co.
(400 made)

(c) Janice Cox

701092 Show Special black overo 1992 Breyer Show Special
(9,000 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity.

(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox 711173 Rock-A-Billy blue decorative western pattern 2013 BreyerFest Store Special
(500 made)
711175 Headspin buckskin with western deco pattern 2013 BreyerFest Store Special
(500 made)

750104 Tornado, Blue Roan Mustang and Fiesta the Cougar
With Cougar
blue roan overo 2004 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

750206 Notaxe, Bay Bronco and Adohi, Cougar
With Cougar
light bay 2007 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

750213 Comet, Grey Bucking Stallion, with Rogue, Grey Wolf
With Wolf
light grey, dark grey mane/tail, knees, hocks 2008 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

It appears that very few of these sets were made.

Blood Bay Pinto Bucking Bronco blood bay sabino, black points 1995 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

Signed by Peter Stone on belly

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