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BreyerFest 1998

The following models were available exclusively at BreyerFest 1998, held on July 24-26 at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Special Runs    Live Auction    Silent Auction

Special Run Models


Model Number Name or Color Mold Award Quantity Made Selling Price
(c) Janice Cox 770798 Rejoice Rejoice Celebration Model 3,900 n/a
770898 Serengeti Big Ben Raffle Model 25 n/a
770998 Glossy Gold Charm Pinto Fighting Stallion Volunteer Model <50 n/a

(c), Jessica Draper

790898 Shannon Clydesdale Mare Special Run 450  
(c) Sharon Walbridge 711098 Blue & White Marbled Plastic
Stablemates Keychain
Arabian Mare Special Run 1,000  
(c) Sharon Walbridge 711198 Clear Plastic
Stablemates Keychain
Saddlebred Special Run 1,000  
(c) Kellie DeFosset 711298 Green Plastic
Stablemates Foal Keychain
Thoroughbred Standing Foal Special Run 1,000  
(c) Kellie DeFosset 711398 Purple Plastic
Stablemates Foal Keychain
Thoroughbred Lying Foal Special Run 1,000  
(c) Antina Richards-Pennock (c) Antina Richards-Pequnnock Buffalo Skull Bolo Tie - black   Special Run - set of two with brown    
(c) Antina Richards-Pennock (c) Antina Richards-Pequannock Buffalo Skull Bolo Tie - brown   Special Run - set of two with black    


Live Auction Models - With Certificate of Authenticity


Model Number Description Mold Selling Price
Lot #1 Buckskin Pinto Saddlebred Weanling $500
Lot #2 Blood Bay Sherman Morgan $850
Lot #3 Chalky Grey Halla $500
Lot #4 Mahogany Bay Friesian $350
Lot #5 Glossy Bay Race Horse $500
Lot #6 Serengeti
(Raffle Model)
Big Ben $2,700
Lot #7 Bay Pinto Hanoverian $400
Lot #8 Glossy Old Style Red Roan Man O' War $650
Lot #9 Blue Roan Proud Arabian Mare $675
Lot #10 Black Pinto Running Stallion & Running Foal $600
Lot #11 Black and White Marbled SM Keychain Seabiscuit $450
Lot #12 Buckskin Pinto Shetland Pony $575
Lot #13 Shaded Grey Grazing Mare $450
Lot #14 Snowflake Roan Ideal American Quarter Horse $675
Lot #15 Grey Elk $400
Lot #16 Caramel Chestnut Roemer $450
Lot #17 Clear Green Stablemate Keychain Saddlebred $500
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #18 Red Roan Rearing Stallion $500
Lot #19 Buckskin Sham $600
Lot #20 Black and White Charolais Bull $475
Lot #21 Captain
Glossy Charcoal Tour Model
Clydesdale Foal $1,250
Lot #22 Glossy Roan (Smoke grey) Aristocrat Champion Hackney $650
Lot #23 Bay Appaloosa Jumping Horse $700
Lot #24 Dapple Black with Green Halter Pacer $400
Lot #25 Honey Chestnut Morgan $500
Lot #26 Grey Roan Pinto Cantering Welsh Pony $2,400
(c) Renata Shura Lot #27 Glossy Wild Dapple Black Semi-Rearing Mustang  #87 Mustang $2,000
Lot #28 Wedgewood with Tri-Color Eyes Saddlebred Weanling $1,400
Lot #29 Brindle Ashley $450
Lot #30 Dun Stock Horse Mare $650
Lot #31 Bay Roan Appaloosa San Domingo $850
Lot #32 Glossy Chalky White Pegasus $550
Lot #33 Leopard Spotted Fighting Stallion $550
Lot #34 Semi-gloss Grey with blue, gold, & white braids Clydesdale Stallion $900
Lot #35 Bay Appaloosa Western Pony $475
Lot #36 Golden Black Misty's Twilight $650
Lot #37 Naytukskie Kukatos
Cold Cast Porcelain Resin
John Henry $475
Lot #38 Glossy Copenhagen Pinto Adios $2,200
Lot #39 Smoke Grey Marabella $925
Lot #40 Apricot Dun Silky Sullivan $400
Lot #41 Dusty Dun w/Tri-Color Eyes Lady Phase $2,500
Lot #42 Fleabitten Grey with Black Points Pluto $800
Lot #43 Glossy Rose Grey National Show Horse $2,600
(c) Sande Schneider Lot #44 Glossy Gold Charm Pinto
(1997 Volunteer Model)
Fighting Stallion $1,250



Silent Auction Models

I have no information as to what was sold at silent auction this year.

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