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Parade of Breeds - A sheet that came with the set of Stablemates

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Model Horse Forums and E-mail lists:

  • Model Horse Blab - A popular forum where everything model horse is regularly discussed. Basic membership is free, or you can pay $18 per year for full services.

  • Only Model Horses - A model horse discussion forum.

  • Fallen Leaves - A model horse discussion forum.

  • Haynet - The original, largest, and oldest running e-mailing list for model horse collectors. All aspects of showing (live and photo), collecting, remaking/repainting for all breeds and makes of model horses are discussed on this list. All ages and levels of experience welcome. You must have a (free) Yahoo account to join.

  • Model Horse Hobby References (MHHR) - Joining this Yahoo group is free, and once you do so you can search the message board for good service ("Green Light") and bad service ("Red Light") reports from other collectors. You can also post a query about the business or person you're thinking of buying from. It's not perfect, but it's a good way to get a general impression of someone before you hand them your money.

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