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Rojo was introduced in 1995 as part of the Messenger Series and has the linear "© Breyer Reeves" mold stamp. It was sculpted by Rowland Cheney and is Breyer mold #4812RO.

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Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes

683 Colorful Gift Set
With Andalusian Foal, later Morgan Foal
dun 2006-2008  
1728 Cloud's Encore
With American Quarter Horse Stallion, Mesteño's Mother, Rojo, Morgan Foal
silver blue roan, blaze, black points 2015-2018 Cloud Mustang Series

Includes double-sided poster.

4812 The Progeny - Gift Set
Mesteño and His Yearling
With Charging Mesteño 
light red dun 1995 Messenger Series

With hang tag.

      702995 The Progeny - Gift Set
Mesteño and His Yearling
With Rojo
light red dun 1995 QVC
(1,000 released)

Same as #4812

750205 Panuhu, Spotted Mustang Stallion and Honego, Foal
With Andalusian Stallion
bay blanket 2007 Walmart Mustang Series
750208 Hongvi, Chestnut Pinto Mustang and Hinto, Grey Foal
Box reads 750199, list on back reads 750208

With Sombra
grey 2008-2009
Breyer website

America's Wild Mustangs Series

750210 Gold Dust, Palomino Mare and Sagebrush, Liver Chestnut Appaloosa Foal
With Duchess
liver chestnut 2008 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

750301 Adriano and Roano
With Mesteño
chestnut blanket 2001 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

750302 Alano and Mateo
With Mesteño (2002) or Duchess (2003)
black 2002-2003 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

750401 Pirro and Eldora
With Mesteño
palomino 2001 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

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