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Black Stallion Test Piece

In May of 2018 Breyer offered this one of a kind Black Stallion for sale for $850 via raffle to members of its Collectors Club. Members could enter once per day via Breyer's website. This is the twelfth test model to be sold by Breyer in this manner, and the other models in this series can be found on the Test Piece Raffles page. Like all of the test pieces in this series its model number is 430040 and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Exclusively for Breyer
Collector Club Members!

Exclusively for Breyer Collector Club members!  Breyer test run models are initial decos painted up to see how a particular color might look on a particular sculpture.  Or, they may be created to test out a painting technique or new colorway.  Not all test run models are used, and they may vary over time as different painting techniques are developed and tested.  Each model has a fixed price and interested members enter a random draw for the ability to purchase the test piece. 
First introduced in 1984 as "The Black Stallion," this Chris Hess Arabian stallion sculpture has been produced somewhat sparingly, and few test runs exist.  This vintage 2000 test run is a lovely flaxen liver chestnut with a snip and four freehand airbrushed socks with tan hooves.  He has a scratch on the right barrel, a few small rubs and has an ink "S" on the bottom of his right front hoof, the meaning of which has been lost to time.  A true vintage test, he is looking for a home that will appreciate his heritage and unique beauty!  See gallery of photos for details.  He is priced at $850 and comes with a certificate of authenticity

He is priced at $850 and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Only 1 piece is available for purchase.

Please do not enter for the chance to purchase unless you are committed to purchasing this special test run piece if chosen.

Entries must be made by 11:59pm EDT May 14, 2018

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