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Other Model Horse Manufacturers

Copperfox - Loughnatousa Fabio Hagen Renaker - Large Zilla CollectA - Andalusian Stallion

In addition to Breyer Horses there are several other companies that make or have made collectible model horses. A listing of the major manufacturers is below. You can find a partial listing of dealers for these manufacturers on the Authorized Model Horse Dealers page. If you're looking for a model horse manufacturer not listed here you can probably find it on Model Horse Gallery.

CollectA    Copperfox    Hagen-Renaker    Hartland    Lakeshore    North Light    Stone Horses    Trail of Painted Ponies


CollectA is one of the largest makers of toy animal replicas and produces a wide variety of animal molds. In 2017 Breyer purchased CollectA's exclusive distribution rights for North America. They are currently selling models from the Horse, Cat and Dog, and Farm collections as Corral Pals, referring to them as "Breyer by CollectA." CollectA continues to produce and sell their full line outside of North America.

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Copperfox Model Horses

Copperfox Model Horses, begun in 2015, was a family-run British company dedicated to creating and promoting breeds of British equines, individuals and personalities. Models are in the 1:9 scale (like Breyer Traditional series models), are created from a mixture of plastics (PolyCarbonate and ABS) and are hand painted. Copperfox was very active in the model horse collecting community. The company closed in August of 2018 but has been purchased by a new owner and is once again in production.

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(c) Hagen-Renaker Hagen-Renaker, Inc.

Known as HRs or H-Rs, these delicate earthenware (ceramic) figurines are a favorite with many collectors. Most of the figurines produced today are the Miniatures or "Minis," standing some 1/4" to 3" in height. Among the most coveted for model horses collectors is the Designer Workshop series, which was released off and on from 1945 to 1965 and is currently in re-release. These were beautiful horses (and other animals) that ranged in size from 2" to 12" high. They are highly sought after today, with mint condition models going for hundreds of dollars. All of Breyer's "G1" Stablemates, many early Classic series models, and both the Proud Arabian Mare and Proud Arabian Foal got their start as Hagen-Renakers.

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Hagen-Renaker Pottery : Horses and Other Figurines - by Nancy Kelly. Realistic and whimsical clay animal figurines are featured in over 480 beautiful color photos creations from Hagen-Renaker. A price guide, information on other potteries of the time, and a look at some Hagen-Renaker imitations are included.

More Hagen-Renaker Pottery - by Nancy Kelly. Continues where the first two books left off, featuring models or colors not covered in the other books and catching up with more recently released figurines and a multitude of interesting pottery items in between.
Hagen-Renaker Through the Years - by Nancy Kelley. A supplement to the above book, with over 450 additional photographs and detailed information on how to date and identify H-Rs and their imitations.

Horse, Bird, And Wildlife Figures of Maureen Love: Hagen-Renaker And Beyond - by Nancy Kelly. This book features hundreds of photographs of the horses and other animals created by Maureen Love, both through her own independent companies and through the Hagen-Renaker Pottery. Many pieces are very difficult to find, so this collection is truly a treasure of visual delights. A detailed personal history, index, and price guide are also included in this wonderful tribute to a multi-talented artist.

Hagen-Renaker: A Charlton Standard Catalogue, Third Edition - by Gayle Roller. There are chapters devoted to Hagen-Renaker history, designers, pottery production, and to Hagen-Renaker production lines: Designers Workshop, miniatures, Little Horribles, Pedigree Dogs, Disney, and others. For each piece the mold number, dates of production, colors, designer, and value is listed.

(c) Hartland Collectibles Hartland Collectibles

Hartland has been making plastic model horses off and on since the 1950's. The company has had a rocky time of it, but returned to the model horse collecting world from 2000-2007. Breyer's Western Horse and Western Pony are both based on Hartland models.

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Hartland Horses: New Model Horses Since 2000 - by Gail Fitch. In 2000 Hartland model horses returned to the market. This new book picks up the trail with 358 bright illustrations of Hartland's revived production run and includes detailed descriptions, values, and plastic-horse hobby lore.

Hartland Horses and Dogs - by Gail Fitch. A full-sized paperback, 188 pages, neatly arrayed with 739 color photos and information on identification, values, care of models, company history, model descriptions, artist interviews, and a chapter on the model horse hobby, model shows, resources, and more.

Hartland Horsemen - by Gail Fitch. The author has done a superb job of putting together extremely detailed and accurate information about all of Hartland's horse and rider figures, with lots of pictures showing details that complement the text.

(c) Lakeshore, Ltd. Lakeshore Collection, Ltd.

Lakeshore offers limited edition porcelain model horses. The line features some of the hobby's most popular sculptors, and is drawing strong positive attention for the beauty of its models. Models sell for around $100 US, and are available through the company's web site and through dealers.

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(c) Wade Ceramics Ltd. North Light

North Light began operations in 1978 and has been through a variety of owners since that time, ending with Wade Ceramics in 2005. In 2009 the line was discontinued and North Light models are no longer being manufactured.

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(c) Schleich Schleich

These toys feel like hard rubber and come in a wide variety of animal and fantasy lines. They are sold through many retail outlets, with the majority priced at under $8.00 US. They appear to be growing in popularity with model horse hobbyists.

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(c) Stone Horses, Inc.Stone Horses

Peter Stone began his professional career with Breyer, where he worked for nearly thirty years before leaving in 1996 to form his own company. Stone horses are approximately Breyer Traditional size, and many are made in the United States of the same cellulose acetate that Breyer uses. Many people like the models for their conformation and the attention to detail found in individual models.

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(c) The Trail of Painted Ponies, Inc. Trail of Painted Ponies

These collectible horses began in Santa Fe as a popular Public Art Exhibition that invited artists to transform life-size horse statues into works of art. The model horses offered for sale are replicas of these works of art.

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