Meet The Curators
Identify Your Breyer and its sister sites are run by a small group of volunteers from the collecting community to benefit all collectors. We welcome you to get to know us and enjoy the site, which has been built with the data contributions of hundreds of collectors since 2001.

Janice CoxIDYB Founder: Janice Cox
Janice founded IDYB in 2001. This entire site was a labor of love for Janice, her way of giving back to a hobby and community that she loved being part of. Janice began collecting model horses in 1973, took some “time off” for life, and then returned to the hobby in 2000. Her first Breyer models were the black pinto Shetland and the bay Running Foal, and she was also a big fan of the Family Arabian Stallion. Along with Breyer, she collected other brands including Marx and Hagen-Renaker.

Identify Your Breyer began as a numeric list just for her own use, but she quickly realized it was much easier to use when she categorized them by size and mold instead, and other collectors immediately came to appreciate her site as a reference for their own collections. Since records of early releases were sketchy, and Breyer often didn’t keep track themselves, Janice pieced together most of the information you see on this site herself (with the help of other hobbyists) for releases from 1950-2021. She spent roughly 2 hours every day answering emails and editing photo submissions, plus 10 hours each weekend. She said the best part of running IDYB was "getting to see in-hand photos of models I’ll likely never see in real life. In that sense I have the best Breyer collection in town!"

Sadly, Janice passed away after a private battle with cancer in 2021, but she will always be the heart and soul of this site, and the sister sites she created: and

After Janice’s passing, her family passed the torch to a group of people who will serve as curators and owners of the site going forward.

Eleda TowleIDYB Curator: Eleda Towle
Eleda has been a Breyer collector since the 1970s. She owns and operates Triple Mountain, a model horse and animal sales business, based in Maine, USA. Eleda’s main focus for IDYB is handling the financial obligations and contributing photos from the wide array of models that she photographs for Triple Mountain each week.

Stephanie Van HorneIDYB Curator: Stephanie Van Horne

Stephanie is from Quebec, Canada and has been collecting model horses since 2003. Her first models were the Grand Champions line, which she has many of, and her first Breyer horses were the Classic Spirit Kiger Mustang Family set. She says she can't choose a favorite mold, because there are too many pretty models to choose from, but Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Stock Horses and Drafts make up most of her collection. The classic Mustangs have a soft space in her heart though, and she has most of them. Her focus for IDYB will be on research, updating images, and some site programming.

Stephanie MichelIDYB Curator: Stephanie Michel

Stephanie began collecting Breyer and other horse models in the 1970's. She became involved with IDYB shortly after Janice started the site in 2001 by submitting images, doing regular off-site backups and helping Janice run the Breyer Horse Model Registry (BMHR) online photo club. As IDYB started growing, Janice focused on the site while Stephanie became the manager for BMHR which she ran for 11 years. She will be helping to keep the IDYB site updated as well as working on ways to make the site more user-friendly for new collectors.