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Andalusian Stallion


The Andalusian Stallion (G4) mold, also known as Chrome, was introduced in 2015 as part of Breyer's Premier Collection. It was sculpted by Brigitte Eberl.

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Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
  4206 Fantasy Horse Paint Kit
With Andalusian Stallion, Arabian - Walking, Peruvian Paso, Rivet, Scrambling Foal
unpainted white 2017-present  
Mystery Foal Surprise - Family 12
With Andalusian Stallion, Running Mare, Standing Foal
buckskin 2018-present Breyer's box says 5442, Breyer's website says 5889
(c) LeeAnn Bachman (c) LeeAnn Bachman     6033 Andalusian
Stablemates Assortment #5900
very dark bay or black, black mane/tail, no white markings 2015-2017  
  6039 Mystery Horse Surprise light grey 2018  
9245 Spirit Blind Bag Series 2 champagne (?) 2018-2020 Spirit Riding Free Collection
  90178 Mini Hermoso and Corazon
With Standing Foal
black pinto 2015 Premier Collection Giveaway
(~750 made)
    97244 Andalusian
Horse Crazy series
bay 2019 Walmart
(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox     711158 Chrome silver filigree, pink muzzle, white mane/tail 2013 BreyerFest Single Day Ticket Model
(1,250 made)
        Mini Bourbon Street purple with gold shading 2014 Big Easy Bash Raffle Model
(21 made)