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The Ginger mold was introduced in 1980 and was based on the horse of the same name in Anna Sewell's Black Beauty novel. Ginger has the round "Breyer Molding Co." mold stamp, with later models also having the "B" stamp. It was sculpted by Chris Hess and is Breyer mold #3040GI.

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Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
  678 American Quarter Horse Mare grullo 2004-2006  
2005 Precious Beauty Foal & Gift Set
With Andalusian Foal, neck ribbon
chestnut leopard 1996-1997 B Ranch Series
(c) Reeves International, Inc. 2404 With Black Beauty light grey 2004-2005
(c) Janice Cox 3040 Black Beauty Family
With Black Beauty, Duchess, Merrylegs
chestnut 1980-1993
  3234 A Pony for Keeps
With Merrylegs, Might Tango, Mustang Stallion
alabaster 1990-1991
(c) Janice Cox   3346 Hanoverian Family
With Andalusian Foal, Keen
light bay 1992-1993
(c) Breyer Animal Creations   4098 Model Horse Play Set and Tack Activity Set
With materials to make your own western saddle and bridle.
palomino with two socks 2008-2009  
  8170 Virgo blue-green, gold mane, gold to white tail, darker knees and hocks, gold zodiac symbols on both hips 2015 Zodiac Series

With hang tag. Stamped "Virgo" on belly.

      8901 Ginger
With green stable blanket
chestnut 1996 Warehouse Gleanings

Same as #3040.

      8905 (?) Ginger
With green stable blanket
light bay 1996 Warehouse Gleanings

Same as #3346

(c) Reeves International, Inc.   61008 Classics Bareback Riding Gift Set
With rider, halter, bareback pad
buckskin blanket 2002-2005  
(c) Reeves International, Inc.       61012 Stable Feeding Gift Set
With a feed bucket, feed scoop, feedbag, hay bale, hay net, and a bag of oats
mahogany bay pinto 2005-2006  
(c) Janice Cox   61101 Stevie and Belle Gift Set
Saddle Club
With doll, English tack, saddle pad
black, no white 2008-2009 Apparently replaced by Duchess in set
62004 Pinto Mare and Foal
With Andalusian Foal (2005-2006) or Morgan Foal (2007)
bay overo 2005-2007  
    62006 Pinto Horse and Foal
With Trotting Stock Horse Foal
chestnut tobiano 2008-2009  

700294 Spanish-Norman Family
With Andalusian Foal, Andalusian Stallion
alabaster 1994 Toys 'R' Us
(6,300 made)

  702297 Pinto Family, Freedom, Independence, and Liberty
With Arabian Foal, Black Beauty
grullo pinto 1997 State Line Tack
(547 made)
(c) Lori Carver   703240 Hatatitla bay 1990 German Export
(644 made)
  750199 or 750207 Bee'Xooti Chestnut Mare & Nookuhene Bay Pinto Foal
With Duchess or Ginger, Morgan Foal
chestnut 2008-2009


America's Wild Mustangs Series

Box reads 750199, list on back reads 750207

  750212 Sedona, Sabino Pinto Mare, and Tucson, Bay Foal
With American Quarter Horse Foal
bay sabino 2008 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

(c) Janice Cox

  750266 Sonador and Dakota Fanning as Cale
Classics Gift Set
With halter, lead line and doll
chestnut 2005-2006  

  750601 Grullo Pinto Mare and Red Dun Foal
With Mustang Foal
grullo pinto 2003 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

Replaced MesteƱo's Mother.

      Sweet Memories
With Arabian Foal
brown appaloosa 1997 Toys 'R' Us
      Unknown black blanket ? Unknown origin; possibly a test or customized