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Black Stallion

The Black Stallion mold was introduced in 1983 and is named for the equine star of Walter Farley's novel, The Black Stallion Returns. It has the round "Breyer Molding Co." mold stamp. It was sculpted by Chris Hess and is Breyer mold #3030BS.

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Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
618 Red Roan Sabino Part Arabian red roan sabino 2009-2011
630 Dapple Grey Arabian dapple grey 1998
640 Bay Pinto bay pinto 1999-2000
660 Chocolate Bay Arabian bay 2001-2002
667 Arabian dappled grey 2006-2008 Showing dapple variations
672 Light Chestnut Arabian light chestnut/palomino 2003-2006
923 Grey Arabian roaned grey, red chestnut points 2017-2018
939 Bay Arabian bay 2011-2016
3030 The Black Stallion Returns Set
With Johar, Sagr
black, black mane/tail, no white markings 1983-1993
3345 King of the Wind Set
With Black Beauty, Duchess
red bay, black points 1990-1993
(c) Steph Michel 19842 The Doctor's Buggy
With black buggy, leather harness, doctor doll. On wooden base with plastic cover.
flocked bay 1984-1987
(c) Reeves International, Inc. 61006 Classics Stable Feeding Gift Set
With miniature hay bale, hay net, bucket, feedbag, feed scoop, and bag of "oats"
bay pinto 2001-2005 Same as #640
(c) Reeves International, Inc. 61010 Western Riding Gift Set
With rider, brown western tack and blue saddle pad
apricot dun pinto 2005-2006
(c) Reeves International, Inc. 61087 A Champion is Born - Three Horse Arabian Set
With Black Stallion, Johar, American Quarter Horse Foal
red roan, snip, darker man/tail and legs, hind socks 2015-2016
62047 Grey Arabian and Foal
With Morgan Foal
grey, dark grey points 2017-2019
(c) Janice Cox 720033 Snowflake and Angel
With doll and ornament
metallic palomino 2008 Target and other retailers
720102 Bay Pinto Half Arabian bay tobiano, black mane/tail, high stockings 2006~2008 Target, possibly other locations

Same as #640

(c) Reeves International, Inc. 730401 Classics Stable Feeding Gift Set bay pinto Mid-season 2001 Same as #61006
755456 Red Roan Arabian
Sunshine Stables
red roan 2012 Wal-Mart Sunshine Stables

Same as #618

9961056 Western Deluxe Barn Set
With Black Stallion, barn, Western tack, rider
apricot dun pinto ~2009 Appears to be a re-release of #61010
301175 Desert Paint Family
With Black Stallion, Harper and Morgan Foal
flaxen chestnut pinto 2022 Tractor Supply Co.
Black Stallion chestnut, chestnut mane/tail, four stockings, grey hooves 1980s(?) Test Piece

Mold Introduction

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