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The Akhal-Teke mold was sculpted by Heather Puleo and debuted as the first Premier Collection model of 2020. It is Breyer mold #805.

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Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
1861 Adamek bay, star, snip, four socks 2022-present
1861 Adamek glossy bay, star, snip, four socks 2022 BreyerFest Open Show Prize
90196 Altynai dappled buckskin sabino, blue eyes, faint dorsal stripe 2020 Premier Collection
711386 Fields of Heather bay varnish blanket 2020 BreyerFest Raffle, Live Auction
(26 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity. Stamped "BreyerFest 2020" on belly.

711401 Uffington pearly cremello 2021 BreyerFest Special Run
(1,800 made)
711401 Uffington silver holographic decorator 2021 BreyerFest Special Run
(200 made)
711613 Nemea orangey brown with a fiery mane, black tail and black decorative details 2023 BreyerFest Special Run
(2,200 made)

Stamped "BreyerFest 2023''

Glossy Black Bay w/ Custom Factory Roached Mane glossy black bay, stripe, four socks, custom factory roached mane 2021 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity

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