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Fairytale Friends Club


In 2019 Breyer introduced its Fairytale Friends Club, offering sets of a Stablemates and a Mini Whinnies model with six sets shipped each year. Per Breyer: "Each Fairytale Friends set has a rich pearly basecoat and is shaded in metallic pinks, golds, greens, purples and more. Glitter accents on their manes and tails add additional light-catching sparkle that make them truly irresistible! Breyer's club exclusive 1:32 Stablemates-sized unicorns each come with a matching 1:64 Mini Whinnies unicorn." The Club is open to current Collector Club members and requires a $30 nonrefundable deposit. Each model will cost an additional $20 plus shipping at the time of order. As with Breyer's Vintage and Premier clubs you must purchase each release in order to be eligible for future releases that year.

Release Year


Model Number  Name Mold Selling Price
2019 712314 Dazzle and Mini-Dazzle Alborozo, Firebird $20
2019 712315 Seafoam with Gypsy Vanner Clydesdale, Gypsy Vanner $20
2019 712316 Rose with Mini-Rose Magnolia, Arabian $20
2020 712317 Moonbeam Arabian-Walking, Morgan $20
2020 712318 Sunchaser Walking Thoroughbred, Calliope $20
2020 712319 Sage Warmblood Stallion, Spanish Barb $20