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Best of British Series

"Breyer� is proud to celebrate the heritage and beauty of Britain's most iconic native breeds. Shaped by the country's natural meadows, moors and mountains over many centuries, Britain's native breeds - hardy ponies, sleek Thoroughbreds and powerful draughts - are renowned worldwide for their intelligence, toughness and conformation." First released in the United Kingdom, these models were later available worldwide.

Photo Model # Name Release Dates
9168 Shetland Pony 2015-2016
9169 Highland Pony 2015-2016
9170 Connemara 2015-2016
9171 Irish Draught 2015-2017
9172 Welsh Cob 2015-2016
9175 Shire Horse Stallion with Corgi Dog 2015-2017
9176 Pony and Draught Set
Clydesdale, Draft Horse, Highland Pony, Shetland Pony