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Western Horse Variations


The Western Horse, first made in 1950, has seen a lot of variations over the years, and below you'll find a small sampling of those. The "release dates" listed below are the estimated dates for that particular model, not for the run as a whole (that date is shown in red). Thanks to Triple Mountain Model Horses and the hobbyists of Model Horse Blab for much of this information. For a full listing of models on the Western Horse mold go here.

#55 (1954-1976) in Black Pinto

Photo Photo Release Dates Notes
1955-1967 Low-rivet snap saddle, w/ prominent gold accents (you can see that the mask for them wasn't quite lined up), shiny gold bridle and reins. Glossy finish.
~1960s - early 1970s Semi-gloss with most of his blue ribbon sticker (attached to left side of neck, as opposed to one below that has it on the right side) Not as good condition as below, but included to show the different sticker locations.
~1960s - early 1970s Much the same as above except his blue ribbon is attached to the right side. He's in better condition.
1968-1976 Included for his saddle. It features black shading rather than light grey. Rather striking.

#56 (1955-1966) in Palomino Pinto

Photo Photo Release Dates Notes
1951-1958 Dark caramel color with grey eyes, high-rivet snap-cinch saddle with gold accents. Both pinwheels on the fenders go the same way.
1955-1967 Butter color with black eyes, low-rivet snap-cinch saddle with silver accents (this is the only model out of all 30+ that has the silver accent variation), pinwheels turn opposite directions.
1955-1967 Dark orange sorrel color with gold (?) eyes, low-rivet snap saddle w/ gold accents, pinwheels turn opposite directions.


#57 (1951-1991) in Palomino

Photo Photo Release Dates Notes
Chalky. Black hooves and O-rings, but with low-rivet snap-cinch saddle, which were supposedly the style that started around 1955
1951-1953 Possible chalky. Semi-gloss coat, original O-link chain reins, grey eyes, and a snap-on saddle.  No mold marks.
1951-1970s Rich golden color with snap-on saddle.  Charcoal grey airbrushed eyes - darker than most of the grey-eyed ones, and lighter than the black-eyed ones, with matching inner ears and nostrils, a nearly body-color mane and tail, semi-gloss finish, and no mold mark.
~1967-1969 Blue Ribbon model, bracelet-link reins, slip-on saddle, no mold mark
1967-1970s Dark "Sorrel" version with slip-on saddle, bracelet link reins, grey shading in sorrel mane, no mold marks
1970s-1991 Golden palomino with body-color shading in mane and tail, adding depth. Satin finish, black eyes, bright whites, and USA mark
1970s-1991 Slip-on saddle, still-shiny reins, black eyes and a satin finish. Stands almost 1/2" taller than other Western Horse models. Has three ripple marks on off side flank which are either a mold issue or a variation.
1979-1983 Matte version. Dark grey forelock, black eyes, and a USA mark and B stamp
~1990-1991 Warm yellow gold palomino with bright golden bridle and reins, bright whites, Breyer-Reeves mold mark and slip-on saddle

Bright yellow version, last year of production.  Saddle with nearly no shading.

1991 Breyer Reeves stamp model made in final year of release.  Oddly, this model has a greyish-blue-green tint to his plastic.