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Just About Horses - 2020 Annual Issue


Table of Contents:

  • Artist's Sketch: Lauren Hoeffer

  • Vivaldi De Besilu

  • Breyerfest 2022: Prost!

  • Breyerfest 2023: Driving Forward

  • Best Customs Contest Winners

  • Taking Flight: Travelling With Your Models

  • Creating A Realistic Arena Diorama

  • Battlefield Angel HP

  • Beyond The Unicorn: Exploring The World Of Fantasy

  • Best of the Online Photo Shows

  • From The Vault: Fury Prancer Music Boxes

  • Vintage Point: Misty Turns 50!

  • Island Pony To Icon: The Rise and Reach of Misty of Chincoteague

  • Behind The Scenes With Anamar

  • 3D Printing: From Digital Sculpture to Reality

  • Collector Q&A: Erika and Carleigh Isbell

  • Adamek

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