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Just About Horses - 2011

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Breyer announced that this will be the final year of publication for Just About Horses, with a total of four issues released. JAH was later changed to a once a year publication.

Volume 38, No. 1: Winter 2011
  • Kripton-Seni II: Super Stallion, Super Star
  • Building the Dioramas for the World Equestrian Games
  • What Makes a Model Horse Show Champion?
  • Kandisky, Connoisseur model
  • How To: A Good Hair Day - New Hair, New Look
  • How To: Extreme Cowboy Race
  • How To: The "ABC's" of Model Horse Showing
  • Vintage Point: The American Saddlebred

Volume 38, No. 2: Spring 2011
  • Pamplemousse, JAH Subscriber Special
  • BreyerFest Updates
  • Nympheas, Connoisseur model
  • Breyer's Diamond Dreams Essay Contest
  • How To: Perfect Packing
  • Model Horse Show: Valentines Day
  • The Artist's Sketch: Sheri Wirtz
  • Vintage Point: Big Ben
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Volume 38, No. 3: Summer 2011
  • Swirling Sky, 49th Connoisseur Model
  • Insider's Guide to BreyerFest
  • How To: Showmanship: Don't Mistake it For Halter!
  • Model Horse Show: Fantasy
  • The Artist's Sketch: Morgen Kilbourn
  • Vintage Pointe: Chalk it Up!

Volume 38, No. 4: Fall Finale
  • Just About Horses Through the Years
  • 2012 Vintage Collectors Club
  • How To: Horse-Ball
  • The Artist's Sketch: Heather Moreton
  • Introducing Breyer Blossoms
  • Winners' Circle: Holly Hill, Della Suttles, Hailey Jaggers, Margie Juergensmeyer, Morgan Stewart, Amara Kranz
  • Introducing Breeds of the World
  • Thrillseeker, 50th Connoisseur Model
  • Model Horse Show: Mini Performance
  • How To: Flip Flop, by Sommer Prosser
  • 2012 Events Preview
  • 2011 Year In Review
  • 2011 Events Wrap-Up
  • Breyer 2011 New Products Guide
  • Introducing the New Breyer Premier Collection
  • Vintage Point: JAH Special Runs Through the Years
  • Fall Introductions
  • Coming Soon: Equestral Crystalworks