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Just About Horses - 2006

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  Volume 33, No. 1: Jan/Feb
  • Goffert 369: It's All About Him
  • Jingles An Angel in Disguise
  • How To: Parade
  • Wanderlust: Connoisseur Series
  • The Young Collector - Pull-out for kids
  • My Visit with Goffert 369
  • Collector's Corner: Greer Gafford
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Stock Horse Treasure Hunt
  • Judge's Clinic: Showing and Judging Fantasy Models
  • Additional 2005 Retired Models
  • Vintage Point: Traditional Stock Horse Mare
    A Horse of Untapped Potential
Volume 33, No. 2: Mar/April
  • Chubasco and Caravelle: Seeing Spots
  • Racing Days Are Here Again
  • LTD's Red Cloud & Magic Man's Grand Slam: Though Small in Stature These Minis Are BIG on Color
  • The 7th UK Model Equine Championships
  • Shenanigans - Connoisseur Series
  • The Young Collector - Pull-out for kids
  • BreyerFest Summer Carnival Update
  • Treasure Hunt Rewarded! (Karen Hoagland)
  • How To: Fun with Frolicking Foals! Part 1
  • Civil War: Horses and History
  • Come Celebrate the Horse with Us
    Employment Opportunities at Breyer
  • Vintage Point: Classics Quarter Horse Family
    Symbol of the American West
Volume 33, No. 3: May/June
  • The Canadian Horse, A National Treasure
  • Sculptor Karen Gerhardt Sees Horses as Living Art
  • Mighty, Mild, & Marvelous
    Tregoyd Journeyman Represents the Highly Endangered Cleveland Bay
  • BreyerFest Summer Carnival Update
  • Conquistador - Connoisseur Series
  • The Young Collector - Pull-out for kids
  • Collector's Corner: Novice Hobbyist Jessica Edstrom Shares Her Passion with JAH
  • How To: Fun with Frolicking Foals! Part 2
  • The Country Gig
  • Vintage Point: Stablemates Appaloosa
    A Portrait of Versatility
Volume 33, No. 4: July/August
  • How To: Tack Time, Making a Gymkhana Bridle
  • Beautiful Jim Key, An Equine Hero: Rediscovered
  • Olympic Hunter Authentic is Beezie Madden's Ticket to Ride
  • Meet Dollor, Legendary Cowboy Actor John Wayne's Favorite Horse
  • The Young Collector - Pull-out for kids
  • Collector's Corner: And the Winner Is: Emily Evans!
  • Model Horsepital: Model Mishaps: How To Repair a Broken Leg
  • Book Review: Saving Leslie Jones
  • BreyerFest or Bust
  • Vintage Point: The Breyer Traditional Stock Horse Foal
    Fixin' to Run the Next Quarter Mile
Volume 33, No. 5: Sept/Oct
  • How To: Building a Jump
  • For the Love of Horses: BreyerFest!
  • Flicka Movie Depicts Magical Connection Between Girl and Horse
  • The Young Collector - Pull-out for kids
  • JAH Special Edition Stablemates Mini Connoisseur Models!
  • Collector's Corner: Young North Carolina Collector Shares Special BreyerFest Moments with Mom and Us! (Emily Cornell)
  • How To: Pastels Are Key to Changing this Chestnut Thoroughbred Stablemate to a Beautiful Bay Polo Pony
  • Vintage Point: The Breyer Classics Arabian Mare and Stallion Continue to Delight
Volume 33, No. 6: Nov/Dec
  • Get a Grip: Holding the Reins Western Style
  • Paint Your Dream Horse Contest Winners
  • Amazing Akhal-Tekes!
  • Holiday Art Contest Winners
  • Jazz Fusion - Connoisseur Series
  • The Young Collector: Show Jumping
  • It's a Bonanza for UK Breyer Fans
  • Collector's Corner: Samantha Felton, Emma Lemire
  • Model Horse Mania in Calgary
  • Display Your Models in a Stylish Wall Parade
  • The Urge to Remake: Stablemates Friesian to Gypsy Vanner
  • 2007 Retired List
  • Vintage Point: Stablemates Arabian Mare