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Just About Horses - 2003

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2003-1.jpg (501327 bytes) Volume 30, No. 1: Jan/Feb
  • Affirmed: A Story of Class and Courage
  • The Triple Crown
  • The Dusty Path to Customizing: Why Pastels are all the Rage
  • Harnessing 101
  • Marengo: Bonaparte's White Barb Charger
  • Connoisseur Series: Lanark's Rosebud
  • World's Best School Horse Contest
  • The Castaway Cob: A Breyer model on the move
  • Collector's Corner: Carrah Golightly
  • Artist's Eye: The Eyes Have It
  • How To: Making a Western Bridle
  • Book Review: Rascals and Racehorses- A Sporting Man's Life
  • Vintage Point: Fury and Friends
Volume 30, No. 2: Mar/April
  • Zips Chocolate Chip: One Delicious Horse
  • Team Penning - The Other Speed Sport!
  • Taking Great Pictures...Indoors!
  • The Life Guards of the Queen's Household Cavalry
  • Connoisseur Series: Fortissimo
  • BreyerFest 2003 Preview
  • How To: Team Penning
  • Judge's Clinic: Those Frisky Foals
  • Book Review: The Last Cowboys at the End of the World, by Nick Reding
  • Vintage Point: Running Mare
  • Collector's Corner: Jennifer Selsted
Volume 30, No. 3: May/June
  • Sue Blinks and Flim Flam: The Dynamic Dressage Duo
  • War Admiral: A Study in Class
  • Secretariat: The Ultimate Racing Machine
  • 2002 Front Window Display Winners
  • Ready, Aim, Shoot! Cover Photo Contest
  • Connoisseur Series: Winsome
  • BreyerFest Preview #2
  • Judge's Clinic: Dressage and the Model Horse
  • How To: The Decorative Base: A Foundation to Stand On
  • Vintage Point: Man O' War
  • Collector's Corner: Maggie Gablehouse
Volume 30, No. 4: July/August
  • Seabiscuit: Brining the Legend to the Big Screen
  • You Go Girls! Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls
  • Majestad! The Heart and Soul of Robert Vavra
  • Hoofin' It! A Three-Part Guide to Customizing Hooves
  • Collector Club Special Edition: Causin' A Commotion
  • U.S. Pony Club 50th Anniversary Model Essay Contest
  • BreyerFest Updates
  • Creative Costuming
  • Judge's Clinic: Avoiding an Identity Crisis
  • Vintage Point: Stablemates Thoroughbred Mare
Volume 30, No. 5: Sept/Oct
  • A Jewel of a Horse: Like a Diamond
  • A Dolly of a Molly: Maynards Miss Sheba
  • BreyerFest 2003 Wrap-Up
  • BreyerFest 2003 Live Show Results
  • It's Big Ben's Minny-Me! Meet Double Exposure, the 2003 JAH Special Offer
  • Customizing Your Hooves Part II
  • JAH How To: Making an English Snaffle Bridle
  • Protecting Your Investment: Model Storage Tips
  • Vintage Point: Appaloosa Performance Horse
Volume 30, No. 6: Nov/Dec
  • Percheron Presence Perfected!
  • Presenting Precision and Honor
  • The Wild Stallion Returns
  • Hoofin' It
  • Breyer Bull-Mania
  • Connoisseur Series - Tenacious
  • Catch Em While You Can - 2003 Retired List
  • World's Best School Horse