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Just About Horses - 1992

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1992-1.jpg (530850 bytes) Volume 19, No. 1: Spring
  • Hold a Model Expo, Part II
  • The Messenger Series - Here come the Kigers!
  • Sneak Preview: Bolya, the Freedom Horse #490
  • JAH 1991 Special: black Jumping Horse with bald face
  • Shelfspace: How to Build a More Valuable Model Horse Collection
  • How To: How to Do a String Mane & Tail
  • Vintage Point: Family Arabian Stallion
1992-2.jpg (505641 bytes) Volume 19, No. 2: Summer I
  • In Memoriam: Marney J. Walerius
  • Riders in the Sky - "It's the Cowboy Way!"
  • Breyer Model Word Search
  • Sneak Preview: BreyerFest models: buckskin Quarter Horse Yearling and palomino Mustang
  • English Accent - "Shahiir" custom Swaps
  • How To: Putting Together a Dynamite Saleslist
  • BreyerFest 1992
  • Newcomer's Corner: Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover...or a Horse, Either
  • Vintage Point: Indian Pony
1992-3.jpg (526351 bytes) Volume 19, No. 3: Summer II
  • From Spain with Love: Spanish breeds
  • Name the Foal Contest Results
  • September is Ride-Against-Abuse Month
  • Marguerite Henry: A Constant Source of Wonder
  • The Divine Friesian
  • Newcomer's Corner: Get Organized, Mail Etiquette
  • How To: Correcting Customizing Mistakes
  • Vintage Point: El Pastor
1992-4.jpg (558323 bytes) Volume 30, No. 4: Fall
  • America's First Horse - Justin Morgan
  • If it Isn't Fun: Interview with Marguerite Henry
  • JAH Special Collector's Offer: "Pride and Vanity" - gray Justin Morgan
  • Remake
  • Equinewsinbriefashion
  • How To: Painting the Customized Model
  • Newcomer's Corner: Showing the Model Sport Horse
  • Vintage Point: Morgan
1992-5.jpg (581788 bytes) Volume 19, No. 5: Winter
  • Hurricane Andrew: Horses Felt the Wrath, Too
  • More Than Just a Pony: Welsh Ponies and Cobs
  • Sneak Preview: Gem Twist
  • Breyer in Showbiz, Part Two
  • Gone But Not Forgotten: The Official Discontinued List for 1993
  • How To: "Hairing the Beast"
  • Newcomer's Corner: Developing Your Collecting Style
  • Vintage Point: Cantering Welsh Pony