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Just About Horses - 1990

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Volume 17, No. 1
  • A Model Arabian - The Making of Khemosabi+++ Breyer Model
  • How To: Gesso and Varnish, The invisible ingredients of a good repaint
  • Celebrity Collector Angel Cordero
  • Breyer in Showbiz - Take One!
  • Newcomer's Corner: Remaking and Repainting 101
  • Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup Results
  • A Focus on Model Horses (Photo Tips)
  • The Kingdom of the Horse (KY Horse Park)
  • Vintage Point: Cowboy and Pinto, Indian and Pinto
Volume 17, No. 2
  • BreyerFest 1990 information
  • The Wild Ones! (Mustangs)
  • Mustangs: They Run in the Family
  • Newcomer's Corner: Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me
  • Breed Model Horses (For fun and profit)
  • How To: Gesso and Varnish, The invisible ingredients of a good repaint, Part 2
  • A Model's View of a Pet
  • Hold Your Horses - A Remedial Lesson in Live Showing
  • BreyerFest Special Model: Gold Florentine Misty
  • New for 1990-Roemer, Grand Prix Dressage Champ
  • Look at This (Breyer updates)
  • Make That "Incredible Find" Yours
  • Vintage Point: Stablemate Morgan Stallion
1990-3.jpg (550992 bytes) Volume 17, No. 3: July/Aug
  • Breyer Honors Dr. Peaches
  • Shelfspace
  • Safety on the Workbench
  • Hildred Goodwine
  • Name That Logo
  • 1990 JAH Collector's Offer: Caramel brown pinto Western Horse
  • King of the Wind!
  • 1990 Signing Party Special Run: Gold charm Secretariat
  • BreyerFest 1990 Official Program Insert
  • Vintage Point: McCormick Decanter with Old Timer, Music Box Prancer
Volume 17, No. 4
  • Shelfspace
  • Live Show Results
  • Stripes
  • Test Patterns
  • BreyerFest Wrap-up
  • Special Runs
  • Vintage Point
Volume 17, No. 5
  • Discontinued List for 1990
  • Getting Down to Cases (model transport)
  • The Secret to Winning May Be At Your Library
  • Newcomer's Corner: Hairing Draft Horse Legs, Lend Me Your Ears
  • How To: Hold Your Photo Show
  • Introducing the Granddaughter of a Legend--Misty II
  • Test Patterns: Silver-plated Test Run Man O' War, SR silver SM Saddlebred shown
  • Look at Those Stars: Ron Turcotte
  • How To Survive Traveling Alone to a Far-Away Live Show
  • Special Run List, 1978-1989
  • Vintage Point: Black Angus, Polled Hereford