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Coeur de Lion
2016 Web Special

Coeur de Lion is a limited edition Breyer model horse available only through Breyer's website. Created on the Classic series "Terrang" mold in a glossy dunalino, Coeur de Lion's color pattern is based on that of the "Lionheart" model, a 2012 limited edition model for brick and mortar Breyer Traditional Flagship stores.

Get Yours Today, While Supplies Last!

Inspired by the popular limited edition Lionheart model, Coeur de Lion is ready to find a place of honor in your collection!  We�ve painted up a favorite Classics sculpt in a rich dunalino with metallic accents.

He also has primitive leg barring and a dorsal stripe all topped off with a spotted blanket and heavy gloss. Coeur de Lion is exclusively offered to Breyer Collectors Club members first!* 1/12 scale and comes in a mail order box.

Limit 2 per purchase!

Early access ends 11:59pm EST, 11/15/16, while supplies last! Offer may no longer be available when you visit the website.

Click Here to Buy Now!

This item is excluded from all discounts, promotional codes, sales and/or special offers at this time.

*Early access to 712205 Coeur de Lion for current, valid Collector Club members in good standing until 11:59pm EST, 11/15/16, while supplies last. Any remaining models not sold after the early access period has ended will be offered for sale to the general public.

Coeur de Lion

2016 Web Exclusive

Item#: 712205 | Age: 4+ | Scale: 1:12

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