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BreyerFest 1996

The following models were available exclusively at BreyerFest 1996, held at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Special Runs    Live Auction    Silent Auction    Live Show Results

Special Run Models


Model Number Name or Color Mold Award Quantity Made Selling Price
(c) Hilary Hurley 700596 Tseminole Wind Sham Celebration Model 3,800 n/a
(c) Reeves International, Inc. 700696 Malibu Aristocrat Champion Hackney Raffle Model 25 n/a
(c) Wendy Hick 700796 Merlin Mustang Volunteer Model 30 n/a
(c) Jamie Dulin 410296 Blue Plastic
Stablemates Foal Keychain
Thoroughbred Standing Foal Special Run 250  
(c) Jamie Dulin 410396 Clear Plastic
Stablemates Foal Keychain
Thoroughbred Lying Foal Special Run 250  
(c) Jamie Dulin 410496 Clear Plastic
Stablemates Foal Keychain
Thoroughbred Standing Foal Special Run 250  
(c) Kellie DeFosset 410596 Blue Plastic
Stablemates Foal Keychain
Thoroughbred Lying Foal Special Run 250  

Live Auction Models


Model Number Name or Color Mold Selling Price
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #1 Bay Roan Clydesdale Mare $550
Lot #2 Dark Chestnut Adios $375
Lot #3 Buckskin Trakehner $700
(c) Allison Malone Lot #4 Chestnut Leopard Haflinger $325
Lot #5 Palomino Pinto Stock Horse Stallion $650
Lot #6 Dappled Bay Stud Spider $700
Lot #7 Chalky Shaded Grey with Gold/White Braids Clydesdale Stallion $650
Lot #8 Dark Chestnut with '95 Mold Mark Sham Sham $550
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #9 Black Blanket Appaloosa Thoroughbred Mare
(Suckling Foal either came with mare or was sold separately, possibly at silent auction. They are clearly made to be a set.)
Thoroughbred Mare $400
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #10 Peach Dun Justin Morgan Justin Morgan $525
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #11 Chalky Shaded Grey Roan with Tri-Colored Eyes and Multi Braids Gem Twist Gem Twist $950
Lot #12 Young Collectors Play Set
Horse with Tack & Accessories
Lot #13 Dark Chestnut TWH with Gold/White Braids #60 Tennessee Walking Horse $600
Lot #14 Honey Red Chestnut with Red/White Braids CWP Cantering Welsh Pony $900
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #15 Psychedelic Patchwork Black Pinto Galice�o #100 Galice�o $575
Lot #16 Rose Dun Classic Quarter Horse Stallion Quarter Horse Stallion $600
(c) Jan Smith Lot #17 Mouse Grey/Brown Foundation Stallion #64 Foundation Stallion $600
Lot #18 Metallic Palomino Western Prancing Horse Western Prancing Horse $550
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #19 Soft Red Chestnut Pinto Semi-Rearing Mustang Semi-Rearing Mustang $650
(c) Jennifer S. Lot #20 Black Pinto Overo Proud Arabian Stallion #213 Proud Arabian Stallion $900
Lot #21 1996 Commemorative Laag's Real Leather Halter with Nameplate, Laag's shoes and a signed color print of Laag   $350
Lot #22 Smoky Chestnut Roan Grazing Mare #143 Grazing Mare $800
Lot #23 Shaded Peachy Grey Trakehner #74
(In background of photo)
Trakehner $850
Lot #24 Palomino Blanket Appaloosa Arabian Stallion $450
Lot #25 Starry Dapple with Black Points Khemosabi $400
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #26 Black and White Pinto Cantering Welsh Pony $1,000
Lot #27 Dappled Yellow Dun Indian Pony $950
Lot #28 Metallic Black Rearing Stallion $400
Lot #29 Smoky Brown Pinto with Gold/White Braids Five Gaiter $1,050
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #30 Brindle Bay Bolya $850
Lot #31 Leo Notecard Signed Specifically for BreyerFest by Artist Orren Mixer, Signed and Numbers Orren Mixer Print (#467/1000, w/COA) and AQHA Quarter Horse Collection Embroidered White Jacket   $500
Lot #32 Mahogany Bay Appaloosa Performance Horse $500
Lot #33 Rosy Bay Morganglanz $475
Lot #34 Chestnut Semi-Leopard John Henry $500
Lot #35 Golden Smoke Yellow Dun Stock Horse Mare $400
Lot #36 Roany Bay Running Stallion $550
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #37 Dappled Grey with Black Points Quarter Horse Gelding $450
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #38 Brownish Grey Cantering Welsh Pony $500
Lot #39 Bright Bay Action Stock Horse Foal $250
Lot #40 Chestnut Semi-Leopard Roemer $550
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #41 Bay Pinto Stock Horse Stallion $500
Lot #42 Shaded Grey Pony of the Americas $350
Lot #43 Olive Liver Chestnut Justin Morgan $500
Lot #44 Bay Dawning Mare Mesteño's Mother $350
Lot #45 Bay Roan Clydesdale Foal $425
Lot #46 Black with Gold Burnished Coat Stock Horse Stallion $450
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #47 Rose Bay Proud Arabian Mare $450
Lot #48 Dappled Sandy Bay w/Tri-Colored Eyes Quarter Horse Gelding $450
Lot #49 Light Bay Haflinger $300
Lot #50 Mahogany Bay San Domingo $675
Lot #51 Apricot Dun with White Silky Sullivan $325
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #52 Shaded Grey with Dorsal Stripe Quarter Horse Yearling $375
Lot #53 Bright Red Bay Pony of the Americas $400
Lot #54 Dark Palomino Haflinger $325
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #55 Rose Dun Stock Horse Mare $450
Lot #56 Red Bay Justin Morgan $350
Lot #57 Black and White Pinto "Mego" Adios $1,075
(c) Reeves International, Inc. Lot #58 Malibu
(Raffle Model)
Aristocrat Champion Hackney $2,400
Lot #59 Soft Chestnut Pinto Galice�o $375
(c) Hannah Tripp Lot #60 Dunny Bay Fjord Henry $625
Lot #61 Sunbleached Black Belgian $475
(c) Wendy Hick Lot 62 Merlin
Judges' Model
Mustang $1,675
Lot #63 Chestnut Pinto Fighting Stallion $1,600
Lot #64 Shaded Fleabit Grey Morganglanz $450
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #65 Mahogany Bay Man O' War #47 Man O' War $900
Lot #66 Solid Bay Cantering Welsh Pony $600
Lot #67 Solid Bay with Snip Proud Arabian Stallion $500

1996 live auction model display tables

Live Show Championship Results

Beginner Youth Show

Overall Grand Champion: Renegade (Kara Hillhouse)
Overall Reserve Grand Champion: Diamonds Perfection (Brittany Hendricks)

Halter Gender Champion: Moon Dancer (Christine Johnson)
Halter Breed Champion: Diamonds Perfection
(Brittany Hendricks)
Halter Decorators/Woodgrains/Glossies Champion: Samson (Melissa Landis)
Halter Scene Champion: Wash Line (Sheena Spielberg)
Halter Customized Champion: Judsea (Grace Owen)

English Performance Grand Champion: Twist of the Wind (Sarah Miller)
Western Performance Grand Champion: Hocus Pocus (Melissa Landis)

Novice Show

Overall OF Halter Grand Champion: Hunky Kinda Guy (Erica Munkwitz)
Overall OF Halter Reserve Grand Champion: Justin Case (Vicki Lowry)

Overall CM Halter Grand Champion: Ima Heartstopper (Shari Sylvia)
Overall CM Halter Reserve Grand Champion: Buddies Story (Julie Ehlers)

Overall OF Performance Grand Champion: Clover Mountain (Angie Guglielmino)
Overall OF Performance Reserve Grand Champion: Carbon Image (Angie Guglielmino)

Overall CM Performance Grand Champion: Total Eclipse of the Heart (Shari Sylvia)
Overall CM Performance Reserve Grand Champion: Sheer Sensations (Judy Baehm)