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Smart Chic Olena

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(c) Wendy Hick    (c) Wendy Hick

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Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through
(c) Janice Cox   595 Smart Chic Olena sorrel 2005-2008
  595G Glossy Smart Chic Olena glossy sorrel 2006 BreyerFest Live Show Prize
(4 made)
(c) Jamie Dulin   1184 Sierra Blanco gray tobiano Jul-Dec 2007 Collector's Choice
  1184G Glossy Sierra Blanco glossy grey tobiano 2007 BreyerWest Raffle Model
(1 made)
(c) Carolyn Burrell (c) Reeves International, Inc. 1357 Big Chex to Cash chestnut pinto Fall 2008-current  
(c) Gary Mace (c) Gary Mace 1357G Glossy Big Chex to Cash glossy chestnut pinto 2008 (~500 made)
(c) Reeves International, Inc.   1492 Topsails Rien Maker chestnut 2012  
(c) Carolyn Burrell   90134 Ivy League bay pinto 2005 Just About Horses Connoisseur Series
(350 made)
(c) Carolyn Burrell (c) Modelhorseluver 300306 John Wayne's Dollor glossy chestnut 2006 Tractor Supply Company
(3,000 made)
(c) Logan Shortridge   410434 Western Stock Horse Set
With Stock Horse Stallion
dark red bay 2010 JC Penney
(c) Carolyn Burrell   711106 Joker black pinto 2006 BreyerFest Celebration Model
(5,018 made)
(c) Wendy Hick (c) Wendy Hick 711124 Best Actor grulla 2010 BreyerFest Live Show Grand Prize Model
(9 made)
(c) Maria Firstenberg (c) Marie Firstenberg 711146 Prairie Storm dun snowflake blanket 2006 BreyerFest Live Show Prize
(9 made)
(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox 711157 Lyle Lovett's Smart and Shiney palomino
(muzzle variations known)
2013 BreyerFest Celebration Model
(5,000 made)
(c) Tiffany Lamon (c) Tiffany Lamon 711157G Glossy Lyle Lovett's Smart and Shiney glossy palomino 2013 BreyerFest Costume Contest Prize
(~25 made)
(c) Ginger Horse   712004G American Quarter Horse glossy chestnut 2008 All American QH Congress, Ginger Horse
(500 made)
(c) Ginger Horse   712004M American Quarter Horse matte chestnut 2008 All American QH Congress, Ginger Horse
(500 made)
(c) Wendy Hick (c) Wendy Hick (c) Wendy Hick Dappled Smutty Palomino Overo Stock Horse dappled smutty palomino overo 2006 NAN Benefit Auction
(1 made)
(c) Sharon Walbridge     Bay Splash Pinto with Mapping and Blue Eyes bay pinto 2007 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)
(c) Wendy Hick (c) Wendy Hick   Ima NAN Chic Magnet
With COA
glossy buckskin tobiano pinto 2009 NAN Benefit Auction
(1 made)
(c) Breyer Animal Creations     Mudflap black leopard 2009 Lone Star Experience
(80 made)
(c) Reeves International, Inc.     Red dun brindle red dun brindle 2012 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)
(c) Reeves International, Inc.     Red Dun Blanket Appaloosa on the Smart Chic Olena mold (#595) red dun blanket 2013 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

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