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Just About Horses - 1999

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Volume 26, No. 1: Jan/Feb
  • The World's Best School Horse
  • Miracles Do Happen
  • Romanesque
  • New for 1999
  • The Land of Flowering Dreams
  • 1999 Breyer Breakfast Tour Events
  • Blast from the Past: Pony of the Americas
  • Just About...Breyer Animals! - Calf
  • Chief of Fourmile...A Spotted Champion
  • BreyerFest Newsflash
  • Newcomer's Corner: Horse Showing
  • Breyer Model Photo Show Classlist
  • A Peek at 1999 New Models!
  • How To: Making the English Bridle
  • Breyer Jeopardy!
  • NAN Highlights
  • Vintage Point: Clydesdale Stallion
Volume 26, No. 2: Mar/April
  • American Royal
  • Molokai: 1999 BreyerFest Celebration Horse
  • BreyerFest '99
  • Spruce Meadows Breyer Show!
  • Brushstrokes
  • The Ranch Collection - Collect All Three!
  • Blast From the Past: Classic Quarter Horse Family
  • Just About...Breyer Animals! - Pronghorn Antelope
  • How To: The Basics of Airbrush Painting
  • Breyer/AQHA Performance Sire Series Doc Bar
  • Newcomer's Corner: Home Sweet Home
  • Roy Rogers' Trigger
  • News Flashes for 1999!
  • Breyer Named Official Model Horse of the U.S. Equestrian Team
  • GaWaNi Pony Boy's Kola
  • Collector Profile: Ashley Balestrieri
  • Vintage Point: Stablemate Quarter Horses
Volume 26, No. 3: May/June
  • Sneak Preview: Zippo Pine Bar
  • BreyerFest '99 Update
  • Equitana USA
  • 1999 Special Edition Alert
  • Brushstrokes: Marrita McMillian
  • How To: The Basics of Airbrushing, Part II
  • Breyer's Classic Racehorses
  • Blast from the Past: BreyerFest Models
  • Judge's Clinic: Other Gymkhana
  • Wahoo King - Out of the Box
  • Xena, Warrior Princess
  • A Survival Kit for Beginner Showers at BreyerFest
  • Breyer Dealer Display Contest Winners
  • Know Your Breed: Mustang
  • New From Breyer Gallery: Refrigerator and Kip Didericksen
  • Model Horse Showing...You Can Do It!
  • Breyer Jr.: A Foal's First Year
  • Vintage Point: Grazing Mare
Volume 26, No. 4: July/August
  • Sneak Preview: Eclipse, Dolly
  • How To: The Basics of Airbrush Painting Part III
  • Young Writers Column, by Tanya Schulte
  • New for 1999 Companion Animals
  • True Companions
  • BreyerFest '99 Update
  • Blast from the Past: Stud Spider
  • Just About...Breyer Animals! - Bighorn Ram
  • Judge's Clinic - Huntseat Pleasure
  • GaWaNi Pony Boy's Mihunka
  • 1999 Photo Show Results
  • Win a Custom Painted Breyer American Quarter Horse (AQHA)
  • 1999 JAH Photo Show Champions
  • Brushstrokes - Kathleen Moody
  • Zippo Pine Bar - Legendary American Quarter Horse
  • Montie Montana...The Trick Horseman
  • Vintage Point: Pluto, the Breyer Lipizzaner
Volume 26, No. 5: Sept/Oct
  • 1999 JAH Exclusive Offer: Special Delivery
  • Sneak Preview: Poco Lena & Don Dodge
  • 1999 BreyerFest Auction Models
  • BreyerFest Recap
  • BreyerFest Live Show Championships
  • NAN Finals
  • 1999 Breyer Fall Tour Stops
  • Breyer Year 2000 Cover Contest
  • Best of Luck to Spruce Meadows "BreyerWest" Participants
  • "World's Best School Horse" Winners
  • Poco Lena The Legend
  • Farewell to Niatross
  • Jack Frost the 1999 Holiday Horse, Holiday Ornaments
  • What is Cutting?
  • Cutting Terms
  • Aristocrat TOF Photo Contest
  • Making Wire Core Ropes
  • Judge's Clinic: Original Finish Halter
  • Collector Profiles: Jillian Sharp, Rachel Williams
  • Blast from the Past: Black Beauty Family Set
  • Just About...Breyer Animals! - Spanish Fighting Bull
  • Vintage Point: Grazing Foal
Volume 26, No. 6: Nov/Dec
  • Sneak Preview: Carpe Diem, JAH 25th Anniversary Edition
  • Breyer's Journey Through 50 Years
  • Am I Seeing Stripes? The Damara Zebra
  • Get on the Net and Surf Into!
  • Cyber Ponies - Breyer Collecting on the Internet
  • All American Live Model Horse Show
  • The Prestige of the Hambletonian
  • 1999 Discontinued List
  • Holding and Judging a Photo Show Step-by-Step to Success: Part 1
  • Horses in American History: Stonewall Jackson's Little Sorrel
  • Take a Ride on the Carousel Horse
  • Know Your Breed: Standardbred
  • Spruce Meadows BreyerWest Results
  • Collector Profile: Laura Dotson, Katja Contu
  • Special Horses Lend Their Love to Therapeutic Riding
  • Young Writer's Column: Losing Jamie, by Kendall Gill
  • Blast from the Past: Scratching Foal
  • Just About...Breyer Animals! - Cow Family Set
  • Hollywood Gold (SR through QH Outfitters)
  • Vintage Point: Spanish Mustang (Buckshot)

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