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America the Beautiful Series

The America the Beautiful series of Breyer horses "celebrates the places that make America so spectacular. From deep, dry canyons to soaring snow capped mountains, to rolling hills and plunging waterfalls, these beautiful horses will encourage you to explore. Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful horses celebrating our country's amazingly diverse landscape. Each model to feature a custom designed logo on its belly!" Models were available for purchase by lottery and limited to Collector Club members only.

Photo Model Number Name Release Date Quantity Price
712220 Rainier
"The highest mountain in the Cascades, Mount Rainier sits high above the booming city of Seattle, Washington. This ice-topped mountain is an actual active volcano area! Rainier's patchwork coat invokes the image of a snowy glacial mountaintop contrasted with dark volcanic rock. His sturdy draft build, ice blue eyes and silver horseshoes add to his beautiful detailing. He is marked Rainier 2017 on his belly in gold.

Designed by Sommer Prosser"

February 2017 350 $175
712221 Wailua
"Beautiful Wailua captures the soft grey splash of the twin falls known as Wailua Falls on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Wailua is also home to NouNou Mountains (also known as the Sleeping Giant) that divides the island, and the 20-mile long Wailua River. This striking Andalusian with soft dapples and dark points was inspired by the mists of this lush tropical paradise. His high gloss finish is a rare feature on the Legionario mold! Pad printed on the belly with Wailua 2017."
March 2017 350 $165
712223 Acadia
"Far north in Maine, in Acadia Park, 45 miles of carriage roads wind through pristine forest. Many visit during the lush summer months, and thousands more arrive when the nights turn crisp, to witness the spectacular autumn colors that appear like magic in this classic New England park. As fall fades into deepest winter, on rare nights, you can gaze upon the Northern Lights. This bright, snappy Warmblood features a red chestnut coat with high white stockings, blaze, and a blue eye, that evokes the brilliant vibrance of this amazing national treasure! He is marked Acadia 2017 on his belly in gold.

Designed by Sommer Prosser"
May 2017 350 $165
712222 Zion and Moab

"In southern Utah, there is a fantasy land of strange and wonderful places, winding slot canyons, towers of rocks that stand like sentinels of the desert. High sandstone cliffs ripple with color. Hot desert sun reflects off rocks, while cool canyons offer relief. These magnificent parks are a delight to hikers and adventurers from around the globe. This rich western landscape inspired Zion and Moab, a striking bay dun overo mare and foal. The gentle nuzzling mare and her newborn have distinctive dun striping, wild pinto patterns, and the baby sports blue eyes. The mare is marked with Zion and Moab on her belly in gold.

Designed by Sommer Prosser"

July 2017 350 $195

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